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Year 2/3 are studying different Artist’s work this term, our work this week is inspired by Paul Klee’s work using shapes and colours to create beautiful pieces of art. We are also very excited to be learning how to play the Ukulele with Ms Nosworthy
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Students creating a mini documentary

Year 7 English / HSIE

Year 7 History students learnt about one of the earliest systems of writing- Cuneiform. This writing was created c.3500-3000BC by the ancient Sumerians (today's Iraq). Students studied the symbols used in the system and practised... Read more

Congratulations to our record breakers

Swimming Carnival Record Breakers

Swimming Carnival Record Breakers Leilani Cayfe 11 Years 100 mt Freestyle 2014 Marlie McIntosh record of 1:48:97. Record time 1:44:13 Leilani Cayfe/Isabella Piper 11 Years 50 mt Butterfly 2010 Jade Blomfield record of 1:06:24.... Read more